How to Apply Vinyl Decals

Each Vinyl Decal order comes with an instructional card (says "mirror decal" but instructions apply to all decals).

Here are the directions just incase you need them!

 Each decal will come with grid lined transfer paper on top. 

1. Clean your surface. Make sure its dry and lint/dirt free.

2. Use squeegee to rub vinyl decal on to the grid transfer tape to ensure the decal releases from the backing paper.

3. Slowly peel the solid color backing paper from the transfer tape. Vinyl Decal should be on the grid tape. If there are pieces of the decal still stuck on the backing paper, replace the transfer tape and rub the tape over the vinyl again. (Repeat until all of decal is on grid transfer tape.)

4. Using the grid, to place the decal where you want it. You can only place the decal ONCE, so be sure to carefully place it. 

5. Use your squeegee to rub the decal to secure it on to your surface. Rubbing from the middle outward to remove any air bubbles. 

6. From a corner, slowly peel up the transfer tape. If parts of the decal are still stuck on the transfer tape, place the tape back down and use the squeegee to rub a little harder on the places that didn't release. Repeat until transfer tape is fully removed and the decal is in place. 

IMPORTANT: It may take multiple rubbings to get the decals onto your surface from the transfer tape. Be patient with it. This is normal.

7. Enjoy your new decal!

** If using decal on water bottles, HAND WASH to prolong the life of your decal.**