About Destinee Creates Stuff



Destinee Creates Stuff  began during the pandemic and spurred from a need. Not only for income, but also a need to use my creativity and to fulfill a desire to help people stay connected while we were stuck inside. We had social media, of course, but the pause brought on realizations that we all had a need for the slowness. So I thought to myself, what is slow, brings joy, and connects people?

                                  Getting something in the mail.

So I designed a quite a few greeting cards and offered personalization through an "I-Mail-For-You" mail service between friends and families. ( I no longer offer personalization and direct mailing, but some of the greeting cards that started it all are still in the shop. Check them out!) I quickly added art prints (like the popular ATL BC's) and then expanded into other merch, which led to art market and freelance opportunities. Destinee Creates Stuff has since sent out thousands of pieces of art and merch around the country.

A Little More About My Work 

A lot of my digital work centers around Atlanta and current events, both global and personal. Most of that work lands on my IG. Follow Me! but you can also see some of my digital illustrations here

My traditional works vary in meaning and medium, but I'm currently really into quasi-realistic portraiture and over exaggerating proportions. My favorite mediums currently are acrylic paint and oil pastels. I look forward to continuing my art exploration in digital and other forms.  

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